About Me

The harp has fed my soul since my daughter was a young babe. From the first moment I encountered harp in person I was captivated. And it is part of my life journey to share the sounds of this beautiful instrument with others.

I come from a family of visual and musical artists and chose to first explore myself as a visual artist. This created a deep grounding of creative expression, which has in turn directly fed my work with harp.  Composing and improvisation are my most joyful moments at the harp. Nature is and always will be my first source of inspiration, from the wind blowing the leaves, to running water and bird song. I am influenced by music from around the world: Indian, Middle Eastern, African (specifically kora), East Asian, Celtic and Classical. With my compositions and improvisations expressing these.

Playing harp for others is always an honour; it is an instrument that has an innate ability to deeply move its listeners. My passion is creating relaxing, harmonious soundscapes in settings such as events, yoga classes, guided meditations, and therapeutically at the bedside.

"Listening to someone playing the Harp is for me a Heavenly feeling. Listening to Nichola playing the Harp is Heaven brought down to Earth creating a Physical Celestial Treasure. I am always softened and brought to tranquility." Stine Nygaard - The Peace House Denmark